Marilyn Monroe in Korea, 1954.

Marilyn Monroe in Korea, 1954.

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This line was ad-libbed by Marilyn… telling, isn’t it.

She was a creative contributor, too. When a character tells Lorelei that he’d heard she was dumb, she answers, “I can be smart when it’s important, but most men don’t like it.” This line, added at Monroe’s direct suggestion, was “her own sly riposte to the prevailing sexism of the 1950s,” Monroe biographer Donald Spoto declares. x

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“Marilyn’s need to be desired was so great that she could make love to a camera. Because of this, her lust aroused lust in audiences, sometimes even among women. There was nothing subtle about it. She was no tease. She was prepared, and even eager, to give what she offered.” — William Manchester

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